Whirligigs Contest

Whirligigs and weathervanes contest

The weathervanes:

The weathervane function is to indicate wind direction as opposed to whirligigs witch function is more decorative even if it can also indicate wind direction.



The whirligigs:

Whirligigs are wind driven devices that mechanically move carved figurines.


Several are smalls and others can be monumental.

Independently of their subject, their size, their form or their mechanism, those devices have three universal features :

  • They are the work of ingenious self-taught artists.
  • They have been created for the amusement.
  • They procure pleasure to those who observe them

Although some can be observed sometimes along secondary roads, this form of Folk Art is often found in museums or in private collection’s.

The Whirligigs Contest aims to actualize and popularize this form of creativity.

The Contest is open to all, younger’s and elder’s of all origin (Quebec, Canada, United States Of America, etc.). There is no participation fee.


Festival participants are encouraged to pre-register and display as many items as they wish. There is no charge for registration or for participation in the festival. A number will be attached to each item on display, so hiding the identity of the participant. Your display numbers will be available at the festival registration desk.

There are six categories of prize to be awarded :

  • People’s Choice : The public attending the festival will vote to determine who wins the prize.
    All items on display are eligible for this category. This is a prize of $200.
    Vote for your prefered weathervane or whirligig and take the chance to win a participation prize.

The other prizes will be awarded by an independent panel of judges

  • Weathervanes first prize :  This is a prize of $100.
  • Weathervanes second prize  :. This is a prize of $100.
  • Whirligigs first prize :  This is a prize of $100.
  • Whirligigs second prize  :. This is a prize of $100
  • Young ‘’Patenteux’’ : To favor new talents, this category is limited to the young people of age under 16. Three prizes of $75 will be awarded.

Prizes will be awarded on the last day of the festival.

 The deadline for the registrations is August 1st 2016

Participation Rules

Participation Rules are the following, you should :

  • Present items made by yourself.
  • Not be a commercial or serial producer of weathervanes or whirligigs.
  • Install your items at the location provided (by the festival) for the duration of the festival.
  • Accept to display your items under your own responsibility.
  • Accept to not remove or deliver sold items before the end of the festival.
  • Be available on the spot during the festival.
  • Accept to don’t identify yourself on your items until the prizes awarding. A number tag will be provided by the festival to identify your items.
  • Accept that photos of you and your items may be published on the festival web site.
  • Have your items free standing (minimum 1.2 meters or four feets from ground), ready for on site installation and able to stand meteorological conditions .

Items on display may not be sold by the participant before the conclusion of the festival. Visitors who want to purchase a display item will make arrangements with the participant.

Security will be provided at daytime to protect display items, however all risks are under the reponsabiliy of the participants.  It can be windy at Saint-Ulric !

Clik here for the 2016 Whirligigs contest participation form.