Folk Art Sculpture Fair

The aim of the fair is to be a showcase for Quebec Folk art sculptors and to stimulate new talents in this field.

Near of twenty artists of various part of Quebec will present their works to offer them for sale.

Mosaique accueil


The fair will be hold at the gymnasium of Monseigneur Belzile School, 190 Ulric-Tessier.

The entry to the fair is free of charge (see the program for opening hours ).

Folk Art Sculpture Draw

A piece of work of each of the artists will be selected for the draw. Entrant of the draw will indicate on their ticket the number of the sculpture that they desire to obtain. Tickets will be sold at $5.00 each. Each entrant can participate several times to the draw. The draw will take place at the festival closure time. There will be only one winner.

The selected work cannot be exchanged for money.

Folk Art Sculptures Auction

Each artist will select one of is(her) sculpture to be sold during the auction.

Saint-Ulric Folk Art Sculpture Festival prizes

Prize of a total value of $600 will be awarded to exponents whose exposed work will be found remarkable by an independent jury.

First prize : $300.
Second prize : $200.
Third prize : $100

The prizes will be awarded at the festival closure time.

The prizes will be awarded accordingly to the following criteria’s :

  • Self-taught artist formation;
  • Manual fabrication;
  • Originality ;
  • Use of recycled material ;
  • Aesthetic (visual aspect , color, appeal, form) ;
  • Naïvety and spontanéity ;
  • Cleverness ;
  • Jury members personal appreciation.

Artists selection criteria’s

To be selected to participate at the fair you should respect the following criteria’s :

  • Be a Quebec resident.
  • You should display your own work.
  • You should be a self-taught artist, that is without recognized technical sculpture formation .
  • You should not be subsidized and not be a commercial producer.
  • You should produce unique work, this is not serial production.
  •  You should display a minimum of 20 items.
  • You should accept to display and sold your work at your own responsibility.
  • You should be present in person for Fair duration.
  • You should accept that one of your displayed items be selected for the draw (minimum value of $100 and maximum value $500). The sculpture awarded will be paid to the artist by the Folk Art sculptures Festival. The reserved item can be sold by the artist conditionally that the item will not be awarded. The selected work for the draw and not awarded at the time of the draw will be sell by auction ;
  • You should accept that pictures of you and your work taken during the fair be used on the festival Web site and publicity.

How the fair is organized

  • There is a $50 participation fee for the fair.
  • The kiosks will be granted by alphabetical order.
  • The kiosks have a dimension of approximately 2.4 m (8 ft) by 2.4 m (8 ft).
  • Two shelves (10 inches by 8 feets), a table and two chairs will be available for each kiosk.
  • You should provide your own lighting, electrical outlets will be available.
  • Kiosk setting must take place the day prior to fair opening and kiosk taken apart the day following fair closing.

The 2016 fair application form is now available.

Clik here for the 2016 fair application form.