Sixth edition of the Saint-Ulric

Folk Art Sculptures Festival

 Next July 5-6-7, 2019 Saint-Ulric will have the pleasure of welcoming you to the fifth annual edition of the original Festival in Quebec dedicated to folk art sculpture.

 Folk Art sculptors are generally self-taught artists who find their inspiration in traditions of their geographic area, in their life experience, in the social environment they live in, or simply in their fertile  imagination. Whether they originate in a rural or urban milieu, all are driven by the creative urge to express themselves. The goal of the festival is to provide an opportunity for the public to discover these creative individuals.

As they are not “professional” artists in the academic sense, they thus find themselves in a grey zone between Fine Art and Craftspeople without being recognized as “true” artists.

The Festival is the the opportunity for them be known to the public, to share their passion other creators like themselves, and share the exuberance of FOLK ART and its creators!


The Festival offers you :


  • An Exhibition-sale of Folk Art sculptures of artists from all the regions of Quebec ;

Festival Sculpture Art Populaire: l'Expo-Vente
  • An outdoor weather vanes and whirligigs contest open to all;

You are welcomed to present your own creations. Weather vanes and whirligigs are animated Folk Art Sculptures ;

Concours de girouettes et vire-vent
  • An Antiques Auction  in the presence of the presenters of the emission The fever of the auctions


  • The drawing of a Folk Art sculpture ;

The admission is free for all the activities of the Festival

The Exhibition-sale,  the auction,  will take place at Marquee of the Monseigneur Belzile School near the church, 197 Avenue Ulric-Tessier..

Weather vanes and whirligigs will be exposed during all the duration by the festival at the Parc-des-Rives along the St-Lawrence river.

Consult the other pages of the site for further information on the activities and the program of the Festival.


Click here for progran 2018.

Click here for 2018 Whirligigs contest participation form.